Dana Van Slyke, Choral Director
Herndon High School Choir

Dana Van Slyke, Choral Director  •  Phone: 703-810-2333  •  E-mail: dhvanslyke@fcps.edu


February Events:  Feb. 14th, District XII Choir concert; Feb. 24th and 27th, Pyramid Concert


Musical Audition Tracks

Below are the links to the soundtracks for the musical audition:

Ain't it Good
Stranger to the Rain
Spark of Creation
In Whatever Time We Have
Lost in the Wilderness

Volunteers needed for District XII Choir

Herndon High School is hosting the District XII Choir for middle and high schools this year and is in need of many hands for a successful event.  To find out what help is needed and sign up, please visit this link |here|

District Practice Tracks

For those singers selected for District Choir, Practice tracks are found |here|  The results from the auditions are found |here|

Cabaret Dress Rehearsal Photos

For a taste of what you saw (or can see on 1/24/15), |here| is a link to some photos provided by Sara Metcalf chronicling a dress rehearsal.

Flickr Link for Concert Photos Now Posted

A link for photos to recent concert events has been established.  As it is HHS Choir Booster policy (and a request by the choir director) photos have not been tagged nor contain personally identifiable identification for the protection of our students.  Please do not tag photos if you repost in other forms of social media.

For those wishing to submit photos for inclusion to the Flickr site, contact the webmaster klpowell2@verizon.net

Link to Flickr site is |here|

Visions from Concerts Past

Printable "Important Dates" for HHS Choir Program

For a printable list of important dates for Herndon High School Choir and Boosters, click |here|

 Upcoming February

Feb.   9          Choir Booster meeting 7:00 p.m. in Choir room for committee chairs
Feb. 14         District XII Choir concert (1:00 Middle School and 3:00 High School)
Feb. 24         Herndon Pyramid concert 7:00 p.m. in auditorium
Feb. 27         Herndon Pyramid concert 7:00 p.m. in auditorium

 Please ... No Facebook Tagging

Ms. Van Slyke would like to request that choir students who use Facebook please refrain from tagging other people in photos and videos of Herndon Choir concerts and events. Identifying students besides yourself creates the potential for privacy violations and suggests an endorsement of Facebook use in the Choir program. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you!
Updated 2/12/2015



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The choir calendar is in Google format. If you have a personal Google calendar, you can click on choir entries and request that they be added to your calendar.

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After School practices

The  Boosters meeting schedule for 2012-2013 is included on the Calendar linked above. Contact the Boosters president with any questions you may have.

Andie Lytle
2014-2015 Boosters President